About Us

Our company, AR Skills Development and Management Services, Inc. ( AR SDMS) is a Training, and Consultancy firm that ventured into the publication of textbooks and reference materials on Hospitality Services and Human Formation. It has already published seven books which are available at National Bookstore, Power Books and other distribution centers in the Philippines. These books are widely used in the hotel industry as well as schools offering Hotel and Restaurant Management Programs in the Philippines and some Asian countries.

Aside from book publication, our company is also engaged in training service providers on various areas of hotel and food services and values formation. We also conduct Technical and Management Development Programs. As a consulting firm, we provide services on Organizational Diagnosis and Organizational Development, Systems Upgrading, Project Outsourcing, and documentation of operations manual.

The mission of our company is to help hospitality establishments and other client groups and companies in the training and career development of their staff and also in upgrading their company’s operational systems in a manner that will maximize cost efficiency and profit. AR SDMS programs and services are administered by expert hoteliers and human resource development specialists from various de luxe hotels and companies, most of whom come from Hotel Nikko Manila Garden. Their competence is honed by their very rich academic background and managerial exposure in various companies in the Philippines and abroad.

With the technical assistance of our SDMS consultants, many of our client companies were able to recover from their losses, eliminated pilferages and wasteful consumption giving way to viable and profitable business. Some schools have also tapped our services in their curriculum development and in the skills upgrading of their faculty.