Cost and Materials Management

A book that contains the secrets for controlling cost so that the food business can reap a good return of its investment. It provides control tools, measures and procedures for all phases of food service operations – from budget preparation, menu planning, ordering, purchasing, warehouse operations, production, sales and service. It also exhaustively touches on stock inventory, cash management, income audit, cashiering, reporting and documentation of sales and expenses, and other related aspects of operations management.

The topics discussed are made easier to understand since they are fully illustrated with examples, supplemented by sample forms and tools relevant to the topics being discussed. Each section also contains activities for workshops and skills practice. The principles and strategies outlined in this book have been tested and proven to produce results. The author has been making use of them in rescuing some of her client companies, enabling them to bring down their cost and increase their profit, track down losses and anomalies, reduce waste, increase efficiency and most of all, instill corporate discipline.