Food Service and Bartending

This book focuses on service delivery standards and procedures for restaurants, bars, banquets, catering and room service. Each chapter covers details on the organization of the service brigade, tools and equipment and their proper usage, preparations for service, order taking, service standards and procedures. The chapter on Bar service presents the various alcoholic beverages, including wines, spirits and cocktails. Recipes for drink mixing are also provided. There is one chapter that touches on Food Safety and Sanitation and another one on Customer Relations.

The operational policies, systems and procedures described in the text are based on international standards, many of which are universally applicable, even for small eateries. However, certain practices and standards need to be customized to suit the specific demands of each food outlet. These vary depending on the size, scope and complexity of the business.

Students and learners who wish to embrace a profession in food and bar service will find the book helpful and quite easy to understand inasmuch as the language is very simple and the text made use of illustrative examples and graphics to make it easier for the reader to visualize and understand the given procedures.

The references used for this book are mostly unpublished materials which the authors together with their colleagues developed during their stint in Hotel Nikko Manila Garden. Some books and magazines from USA and Europe were also used for reference. But the most significant contributions are the insights shared by some other food experts in Hotel Nikko and other leading hotels and food chain.