On Becoming a Winner

This book is designed to help individuals discover an ideal personality to emulate, compare themselves to the ideal through diagnostic exercises and reflection guide, look into their own personality handicaps and overcome them through therapeutic exercises contained in the book. It uses a experiential approach to formation, making the journey to self empowerment a dynamic and meaningful experience. The book covers lessons on the dynamics of personality change and character building, building self esteem and self confidence, building win-win-healthy relationships, becoming a pro-active adult, projecting a positive social image, aligning one’ hierarchy of values, developing self discipline and finding meaning and direction in life.

This book can be used by schools in their personality development programs or by non-government organizations involved in human formation. It can also be used by individuals who are still searching … for their identity, inner peace, happiness, success in their studies or career, and for a formula for overcoming the challenges and difficulties of day-to-day living.

The insights, tests, learning activities and other materials contained in the text are the product of the author’s research and study, learnings that she derived from the sharing and experiences of people with whom she encountered in her ministry of human formation. Most of all, they are the fruits of divine revelation as she continues to meditate and reflect on the realities of life as she experiences them.